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ARWADE Precision Machine vices with Swivel base

स्मार्ट उद्योजक® मासिक वर्षभर रजिस्टर पोस्टाने घरपोच मिळवा फक्त ₹४०० मध्ये. आजच वर्गणीदार व्हा!

  • Milling Machine Vices- AMV 160, 200 & 250 MM
  • Shaping Machine Vices – AMV 160, 200, 250 MM
  • Self Centering Vices – ASCV 160 & 300 MM
  • Precision Universal Vices FOR TOOL ROOM PURPOSE TYPE – APUV 75 MM
  • Precision Machine Vices for constant clamping force with minimum efforts

ARWADE MACHINE VICES are manufactured from close high tensile cast iron, machined, ground & scrapped to ensure maximum accuracy. They are designed to with stand heavy cutting forces without affecting the accuracy of the work-piece to be machined. These machine vices are designed to hold securely even a thin paper of 0.02 mm as well as odd-shaped components.

The components once clamped, the pressure remains constant which improves the surface finish of the machined component with accuracy. It also has great economic advantage in mass Production where the vice operation can be a part of the machining sequence, a work which would enable quick loading & unloading of components.

फक्त ₹२२२ मध्ये स्मार्ट उद्योजक® मासिकाच्या डिजिटल आवृत्तीचे आजीवन वर्गणीदार व्हा आणि अगणित फायदे मिळवा!

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Contact: Mandar Arwade – +91-9011629797

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