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काळाची पावलं ओळखतं व्यवसायाला नवी दिशा देणारा समीर मोदी

'स्मार्ट उद्योजक' मासिकाच्या २० प्रिंट अंकाचा सेट (३ दिवाळी अंक समाविष्ट) फक्त ₹४०० मध्ये उपलब्ध. स्टॉक मर्यादित. बुक करण्यासाठी -

Started doing business along with father in 2008, who was then trading in Laboratory Consumables like chemicals, glasswares & Plastic wares and instruments. While doing business along with him for 4-5 year came to understand that the next gen market will be B2C mostly there will be lot of issues for traders (basically small scale), so started wondering for new channels in business that will give us assured business.

When i joined my dads business our turnover is around 15-18 LPA and the margin ratio was getting down day by day as new players are coming into the market and the manufacturers started supplying directly to the customer. So decided to set up our own brand which will focus on quality of the products in competitive price.

फक्त ₹१२३ मध्ये 'स्मार्ट उद्योजक' मासिकाचे आजीवन वर्गणीदार व्हा!

या वर्गणीत या आधीची ६५+ मासिके आणि पुढे दर महिन्याला व्हाट्सएप वर ताजे मासिक मिळवा. आजच नोंदणी करा :

Started a company named Micro Optics & Digital Instruments Corp, suddenly a new product came to the market named “Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine & Burning Incinerator” which is introduced because of GR of HR ministry which assures installation of these machines in each and every educational institute.

As our basic customer is educational institutes we focused on that product and generated good revenues. This product gave us money as well customer reach. So expanding our old business we setup a new manufacturing unit for Laboratory Glass-wares under the brand name MODI Laboratory Glassworks. Starting with few local customers now we are currently serving across the country to many national institutes. You can find details of our products @

जन्म दिनांक : ७ जून, १९८९
जन्म ठिकाण : जबलपूर
ई-मेल :
भ्रमणध्वनी : ७५८८०९३४५०
विद्यमान जिल्हा : अहमदनगर
शिक्षण : Pursuing PHD, MCA , BSc C.S. & BSc. W.Tech
फेसबुक अकाऊंटची लिंक :
कंपनीचे नाव : Modi Laboratory Glassworks
उत्पादने/सेवा: Manufacturing of Laboratory Glass-wares & Scientific Equipment.

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