उदयोजकांनो, ३१ मार्चपूर्वी या गोष्टी पूर्ण करायला विसरू नका!

स्मार्ट उद्योजक® मासिक वर्षभर रजिस्टर पोस्टाने घरपोच मिळवा फक्त ₹४०० मध्ये. आजच वर्गणीदार व्हा!

Things to do before 31st March

✔️ Check if you have completely utilized your Section (80C) Limit
✔️ Review if your Family has adequate Health Insurance (Sec 80D)
✔️ Check if your Donations are eligible for deductions (80G/GGA)
✔️ Check if you have claimed reimbursement of your Allowances. (Medical, Travel, House rent etc.)
✔️ Check whether you are liable to pay advance Tax

फक्त ₹२२२ मध्ये स्मार्ट उद्योजक® मासिकाच्या डिजिटल आवृत्तीचे आजीवन वर्गणीदार व्हा आणि अगणित फायदे मिळवा!

अधिक माहितीसाठी :

Don’t buy any Financial Products just to reduce Tax. Make sure they are suitable to You and your Loved ones

Call for any help or assistance required

Get Vaccinated, Stay Safe Stay, Blessed!

Rtn. Sanjay Narhari Tari,
MBA in Insurance & Financial Planning
📱 9821649070

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